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Jigar Patel, MD


Jigar M. Patel M.D. brings a diverse background to our company. In addition to being a founding member and executive for Evergreen Hospitality Development Group, Dr. Patel is a board certified family medicine physician in Georgia. He is a practicing Family Medicine/Urgent Care Physician in Athens, Ga. In this capacity Dr. Patel performs urgent care and family medicine among 5 Regional First Care clinics in the Athens area.

Dr. Patel also serves as the Chief Medical Director of Southern Care Hospice in Athens, Ga. In this capacity, Dr. Patel provides hospice and palliative care to patients of Southern Care, as well as coordinating care in a multidisciplinary manner with local Physicians. Dr. Patel also provides nurse practitioner oversight for the Housecalls Program developed by United Healthcare to provide home visits to elderly, chronically ill members across the state of Georgia. In conjunction with his wife, Dr. Patel operates Azalea Home Care which provides personal care services to the elderly and chronically ill.

Jigar Patel, MD
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