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“From conception to ribbon-cutting, the hotel development process requires a clear vision, immense strategic planning and serious perseverance.”


Evergreen Hospitality Development is just one division within the confines of the Corporate structure. Here is where the expertise and wisdom of the development team come together to create the perfect hotel project for the investor and or for company owned projects.

“The right brand partner provides a distinct advantage and is a powerful driver of hotel development at any point of the development cycle.”

Evergreen Development seek out industry leaders with staying power, ones that keeps its brands on the pulse of cutting-edge technology through innovation but also values developer brand loyalty and growth.

Our commercial real estate division offers the investor and owner the perfect knowledge of land use permitting. Finding the right piece of land for the hotel is a priority for long term return on investment.

Zoning laws are carefully reviewed by our legal team in determining where a hotel can and will be built.

Once a location is found the Evergreen Team goes to work to ensure that all land use permits, zoning laws, and approvals are obtained in a timely manner to start construction.

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