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Evergreen Hospitality Construction specializes in the development, design and construction of multi-family and hospitality environments. Our team of professionals are committed to our projects and on focusing our resources, to collaborate with our clients, and to construct their vision by thoroughly understanding the project needs, desires, and goals.


The structure of our company is designed to help us communicate closely with our clients at every project phase, and enables us to act rapidly and decisively when needed. Our hands-on and practical approach allows us to provide our clients with personalized care and service to ensure that all necessary assets will be delivered with predictable results based on the quality, schedule and budget defined.

Our extensive quality assurance program is first implemented in the design phase and follows through to project turn over to the client. It emphasizes prevention over inspections. Evergreen will implement and monitor the quality assurance program with the client’s management team(s), design team, sub-contractors and suppliers and the construction management team. The program will ensure that the construction of the project conforms to the highest industry standards and project documents.

Evergreen focuses on Value Engineering during the pre-construction and construction processes. We strive to identify the best means, methods and materials for improving project value without compromising quality. We provide recommendations on relative construction feasibility, cost-effectiveness, phasing efficiency, scheduling effects, specification review and alternate process.

Evergreen understands that this is the scheduling method of choice for today’s complex projects. We begin by developing a comprehensive project schedule that coordinates building phases with the architect’s drawings. Milestones are documented, critical materials requiring long lead times are identified, and foundation and utility bid packages are discussed early on in the project to avoid costly delays. We understand that the schedule must revolve around the client’s operations and needs, already defined in the negotiating process with the client. Each element of the project–design, scheduling and construction phasing is systematically planned to ensure maximum time efficiency and control through scheduling.

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